Low-E Insulation Carbon Footprint

Low-E Insulation has one of the lowest Carbon Footprints, or GWP (Global Warming Potential), of any Insulation product of sale today in Ireland. To carry out this complicated assessment Low-E acquired the assistance of C-Tech innovations [an independent third party]. To do this C-Tech used the recognised CCalC (Carbon Calculations over the Life Cycle) tool.

Low-E low carbon footprint

The equation for product carbon foot printing is the sum of all materials, energy and waste across all activities in a product’s life cycle by their emission factors. The calculation in this instance involves dividing the activity data associated with the production of one roll of insulation to give CO² per unit (roll).

ProcessEmissions per 1000 RollsEmmissions per RollEmissions per m²
Raw Materials16710 kg CO² e16.7 kg CO² e0.359 kg CO² e
Transport310 kg CO² e0.31 kg CO² e0.006 kg CO² e
Storage0 kg CO² e0 kg CO² e0 kg CO² e
UseNot yet quantifiedNot yet quantifiedNot yet quantified
Total17020 kg CO²17.02 kg CO²0.366 kg CO²