Reasons for Choosing Low-E


Here's a few reasons why choosing Low-E Insulation can make sense for your project.

  • Low-E Insulation has been manufactured, tried and tested for over 20 years. Low-E works by reflecting rather than absorbing heat and will work anywhere no matter what climate.
  • Low-E has zero rating for air-tightness.
  • Low-E has a CLASS A/ CLASS 1 Fire Rating.
  • Low-E’s unique design means it can resist all three forms of heat transfer very successfully. Low-E is the only foil insulation which is manufactured using up to 40% recycled material for it closed cell polyethylene core.
  • A complete vapour barrier. The closed cell foam core provides a thermal break which means condensation will not form in the core of Low-E Insulation. Any moisture problems are virtually eliminated.
  • The Low-E design allows it to self-seal around any nails or screws that puncture it during installation.
  • Low-E is non-toxic, there are no fibres to stick in your skin or get in your eyes.
  • Low-E will save time, space and money. Its unique core design means that Low-E will not sag after installation, will not drag on screws and will not produce frayed edges after cutting.
  • Low-E has sound deadening qualities similar to mass insulation.
  • Low-E resists the growth of mould and fungi. It won’t attract birds or mice to nest.
  • Low-E helps meet lower U-value requirements in smaller cavities and unlike other reflectives, it self seals around fixing and it’s core won’t be effected by moisture. After over ten years in production that’s a guarantee.
  • Low-E is one of the most certified reflective Insulation worldwide.