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Low-E Slab Shield


Slab Shield is a 9mm Insulation roll used in under floor heating / concrete pour or similar, which stops cold bridging in floor and adjacent walls and enhances U-Values.

Slab Shield insulation was designed specifically for use under concrete slabs. It gives you a vapour barrier and significant thermal performance in one user friendly product. The products have a layer of closed cell polyethylene foam applied to both sides of a reflective layer. The closed cell foam is a vapor barrier and protects the aluminum from the chemical reaction that would occur with uncured concrete. All you need to apply Slab Shield is a razor knife and tape (Tape is necessary for a complete vapor barrier to be achieved). Simply roll the product to the desired length and cut. Compare that to working with 4' x 8' board insulation and you'll soon see the time savings of working with Slab Shield. Another difference between Slab Shield and the foam boards is its ability to mold itself to the contours of your grade. Slab Shield is flexible enough to adjust to the high and low areas helping to create a stronger finished concrete pour. Slab Shield also does not crack or crumble when faced with the normal abuses the job site throws at it.

Build energy efficient structures from the ground up by using revolutionary ESP LOW-E® Slab Shield. Developed with the same ESP LOW-E® energy efficient technology that goes into all LOW-E Insulation products, Slab Shield offers unique benefits not found in other under slab products. LOW-E Slab Shield is engineered to not only help prevent heat transfer from ground to slab but also to provide a vapor barrier that protects basements from excess moisture. ESP LOW-E® Slab Shield is designed with a layer of closed-cell polyethylene applied to both sides of a reflective foil layer. The closed cell foam doubles as a vapor barrier and a protection for the aluminum against chemical reaction with fresh concrete. LOW-E Slab Shield is puncture resistant up to 93 psi and crush resistant up to 70 psi. Unlike other rigid under slab insulation, LOW-E Slab Shield adjusts and molds itself to the contours of the grade providing a better and stronger concrete pour. ESP LOW-E® Slab Shield is easy to apply and will not crack or break like traditional board insulation when walked on. It is lightweight and cuts easily with a utility knife. LOW-E Slab Shield comes in rolls with innovative inter-locking tabs that provide a perfect seam when using several rolls side by side.

Benefits of Low-E Slab Shield:

  • Decreases Slab response time
  • Excellent vapour barrier Interlocking tabs
  • Convenient and lightweight
  • Puncture resistance of 93 psi
  • Crush resistance of 70 psi
  • Closed cell foam (not bubble packaging)

Composition: Foam Facing/ Foil Core/Foam Facing

Thickness: 11mm

Weight: 300g per m²

Roll Yield: 23.25m² (250sq ft)

Roll Width: 1.25m (4ft)

Roll Length: 18.6m (63ft)

Low-E Slab Shield

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